EHLO! I’m Leila a.k.a Lulico

I’m a 17-year-old radio avionics engineer from Mexico City.

I was born at the age of 0 in a hospital that still exists, I enjoy writing essays and listening to avant-garde music, I love Italian food; specially when I cook it, and my right inner ear is partially deaf as a result of an accident with a bank alarm.

Aside from being an engineer, you could also consider me a writer, developer, and an archivist of sorts.

I don’t have many hobbies as I spend most of my time at work, but when I find some free time to spare I play the recorder and piano, aswell as doing a little bit of planespotting at MMMX and MMSM.

I’m a native Spanish and English speaker, a terrible-but-decent Russian speaker, and I’m currently learning Catalan.


I’m currently serving as the Lead of Runway23, a limited-profit project incubator creating and developing free and open software. For the most part, I spend my time managing Runway23 itself, but I also develop projects alongside the team and offer IT services for small companies within the Valley of Mexico area.

At Runway23, I’m the codeowner of the following projects, Insurgent — a privacy-oriented pubnix inspired by services like SDF and Riseup, and Prisu — an open source reimplementation of Discord’s Rich Presence as a Service for any platform to make use of.

In the past I’ve been involved in many projects and teams. To name a few, I’ve been involved with Ameliorated, The Hitogata Search Team, Male Poon and Estrelar.

I also write professionally, typically on projects related to public transport; one of my most notable projects was Projecto Garibaldi, a collaborative-writing project consisting in a series of “booklets” surrounding Mexico City and it’s various public transport systems, trying to highlight key issues with them and offering open solutions to them.

Aside from public transport, I also write articles about personal finances, engineering, and civil aviation in/for multiple platforms and outlets.

I also have experience in professional video editing, working as a freelance video editor from 2020 to 2021, in which I worked with clients of many ranges, from small local coffee shops to the biggest telecommunications provider in Sweden.


I prefer to be contacted through Telegram or Email, however I also have a Discord — but I prefer for only set acquaintances to contact me through it. Cheers.


As per common opsec practices, I typically sign my emails, commits or any other relevant message when possible. I do this with the following GPG key:

And if you’d like me to get into your machine for whatever reason, this is my SSH key:

Alongside these keys, I also provide the a file called “id.txt”. This file is used as a mean to publicly state and verify my identity for verification purposes, a copy of it can be found here.


I’m pretty much all over the place, although I spend most of my time in Akkoma and Cohost — writing quick microblogs in the former and long posts and blogs on the latter.

There are some others where I sometimes do things in, but I’m pretty much out of the public eye yknow. I list some of them in case you’re interested on following me or blocking me.


Here’s some questions that I get asked every now and then or that I just ask myself and project in here so others know the answers and I don’t have to answer them or something.

are you gay or trans?

Yes. I’m a trans woman, and I identiify as a sapphic demisexual.

are you therian?

Yes. My otherkin is the Tanuki. I use the 🍃 emoji as a personal oshi mark and to represent it too.

are you autistic?

Yes. I’m diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD.

are you related to (insert name here) Sother?

Probably not. I started to use the last name Sother while I was in an (abusive) relationship with Alyxia Sother. Following the “ordeal”, I kept using the name Sother due to personal issues regarding my identity. Some things just stick around I guess.

are you part of Ameliorated?

Not anymore. I was unofficially a volunteer for the project from 2021 to 2023, and I left the project in September 2023 due to conflicts with the team.

can i contact you about Insurgent?

Depends. If your inquiry is about support, please email; if it’s about the service from a corporate standpoint (ie, vulnerability reports, public comments, etc), email me at; and if it’s just questions about the project and random chatter, feel free to contact me however you want.

why did you block me?

I didn’t block you. I never block anyone, ever.